Born to an Elven Father and a Half-Elf Mother, Gélas inherited both his father’s magical aptitude and his mother’s martial prowess. Gélas was raised by his mother in a far-off human city, but was forced to leave home at age 19 because he had a habit of getting into mischief and fled to escape jail. He caught a ship to Riddleport and has been there for a few years now, working odd jobs to make a living and supplementing this with the occasional mercenary work. Gélas quickly realized that a warrior need not limit themselves to martial or magical skill, and that using the two in unison could serve one well. He spent three years studying both swordplay and the arcane arts, and mastered the weaving of spells and sword.

A lover of fine wine and fine women, he’s often found himself in trouble due to his penchant for mischief. One should not underestimate his skill and dedication, because even though he often cracks jokes and doesn’t seem to take his work seriously, he’s built himself a reputation of being a reliable ally and dangerous enemy.

After he found himself in Riddleport, he met Wren Chevali and Brocke, and formed a sort of “team” with them, working together and splitting the pay for all their work.


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