Brocke is a little taller than average height, stocky build, with short black hair and beard, and cold blue eyes. Scars from previous battles give him an intimidating demeanor that has served him well as a rogue.

Possessed of a keen dislike for slavers, and an equally strong sense of wanting to help the weak right injustices, he lacks respect for laws that may hamper his efforts. To him, freedom is the highest good. His spirit of adventure has caused him to see the inside of not a few jails because his notions of legality were in conflict with those of the local constabulary.

Brocke would be the man whom locals would come to for justice when it was denied them by more official channels, and thus has been called a both a hired thug and a bounty hunter. Brocke would adamantly deny such labels. He has a big heart and often agrees to help people without a great deal of forethought.

Brocke also enjoys a good ale now and again and the comforts brought by the meager coin awarded to him by grateful clients in addition to the thrill of adventuring.


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